Monday, January 22, 2007

March for Life

It's about 11:45 am Stateside, and the March for Life would have started in the nation's capital. I would have missed it anyway had I still been in DC -- the novitiate had something else scheduled for today. (And that's all I'll say about that on here).

I did attend last year, with two van loads of college kids from SC. It was an awesome experience!

Amy, of course, has a cool set of links and stories.

Of course, this date doesn't have any significance in India (where abortion remains legal throughout pregnancy. Sex-selection tests are illegal however, as is aborting children solely because of their sex. Killing them for some other reason is ok, it would seem. I still recall the common ads in the Bombay suburban trains, advertizing cheap abortions for Rs. 90, about $4 back then.)

And finally, the stories about the decision of the American OB-Gyn association to recommend tests to screen for Downs Syndrome in every pregancy (several are linked at Amy's) reminded me of my visit to Karuna Vihar, a school for mentally handicapped children, started by Commonweal columnist and author Jo McGowan in Dehradun in the north of India, which I had the privilege of visiting in 2005. Jo and her dedicated folks are selflessly fighting amazing cultural hurdles to promote the dignity and respect for an almost invisible class of people in Indian society. The following is from the essay in the promotional 2005 calendar of Karuna Vihar.
People with disabilities enrich our lives in ways we cannot begin to fathom and those of us lucky enough to be ecologists in this particular ecosystem can make grateful lists of rocks they have disintegrated and nitrogen they have created from thin air. But that's a bonus. Like the rest of us, they are here because God made them. There is no need for them to justify their existence. For just as “every cubic inch of space is a miracle”, so every single species is a keystone species.
Pray today for respect for all human life, and for an end to abortion.


mike a. said...

I did miss seeing you in D.C., but you and your father were with me throughout the day. I renewed my offering many times, at all the significant places.

Gashwin said...

Mike -- thanks a bunch! Prayers travel huge distance ... and carry huge burdens!