Monday, January 15, 2007

In the twinkling of an eye...

... things can change so rapidly.

My dad's cancer has spread to his liver and bones. The prognosis is not really very good. (How this remained undectected all this while is a mystery!) I found this out just after our van had a flat tire this morning off I-95 (on our way to the conference mentioned below in CT. Let me tell you changing a tire on a narrow shoulder in 30s/40s temps is not fun!) in New York, when I saw that my brother had called. Dad was admitted to the hospital over the weekend, and I knew that something was up so I was prepared to hear bad news, or as prepared as one can be.

Right now I'm at R's place in Queens, and I'm booked to fly out on Delta's nonstop to Bombay tonight from JFK, leaving 9:20 pm, arriving in Bombay tomorrow night at 10:10 pm and then the early morning flight to Baroda Wednesday morning. I need to be with my father and my family.

How this affects my formation will depend on how long I'm away, and how things develop. All that is unclear right now. The Paulists are being splendidly supportive, of which I am immensely grateful.

I'm so glad that as I packed my bags yetserday, something prompted me to throw my passport in the suitcase.

I've talked to some of you on the phone ... and some will get an email. I really appreciate the outpouring of prayer and support I've felt. Keep it coming y'all.

"I can do all things through Him who strengthens me."


mike a. said...

Count on our prayers, G.

Waldie's World said...

we prayed for you and your family at yacs tonight. will continue to do so. safe travels.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

So good to talk to you this evening. Those of us who have faced this uncertainlty will keep you and your family in prayer.

I find the timing interesting -- God sends you out to do some of the sort of ministry that you would have been studying this week.

Keep us apprised of the situation when you can; focus on the needs of your family and your needs (time, clarity, rest, etc.) first.

Be assured of our love.

Richard said...

I went through a similar experience with my father during my formation -- my heart and prayers go out to your father, your family and yourself. I'll remember you all at Mass each day.

Jennifer said...

I will light my prayer candle for you and your father tonight and for the nights to come. God bless you.

ProverbialMike said...


Know that I've been praying for you here. If you ever need a quick place to crash en route to JFK--I live right nearby--so give me a ring.

Secondly, my mom may also have cancer--although I think it's unlikely. So we'll pray for each other and our respective parents.

Georgette said...

Dear G--
I am stepping up the prayers for your father. Keep us posted.

God bless,