Tuesday, January 02, 2007

In a fog

Well, given the continuing disruptions due to fog in Delhi, I decided it would be prudent to take the train. I happened to snag the last available berth on the August Kranti Rajdhani Express out of Baroda tonight -- in AC First (the highest class. Cost: $65.), scheduled to depart at 10:57p, and arriving at Delhi's Hazrat Nizamuddin station (a stone's throw away from the brother's place) at 10:45 am in the morning.

[Gone are the days when making a train booking took a whole day of standing in lines, or calling in favors. Now, one just logs on, and clicks away!]

The evening Jet Airways flight to Delhi (which I was to have taken) did take off about 1h20 behind schedule. Hopefully it will land in Delhi. Not Kanpur, or Lucknow, like yesterday. ... but anyway, this way I get to spend a whole evening with the 'rents.

The train is running about 50 min. behind schedue -- not bad really, and I still get about half a day in Delhi.

Whether Continental flies in an aircraft from Newark tomorrow is yet to be seen. Tonight's DEL-EWR flight was cancelled -- there was no aircraft coming in. Because, it was still flying in the flight that left Newark Sunday night. This aircraft has to head back to Newark today, and then turn around and come back to Delhi, in order for tomorrow's CO83 to be able to depart.

So ... off to the station in a few!

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