Monday, January 08, 2007

Colbert takes on Peter Singer

This is marvelous! And he's in a life-sized Creche no less!

Comedy Central Mother Lode [Via dotCommonweal]

(And I just don't get it -- Singer goes on and on about "speciesism" but seems to advocate infanticide [taking the abortion-on-demand arguments to their logical conclusion, really]. I wonder, does he use bug spray? Stamp on cockroaches? Use drugs to fight bacteria? I mean, who gave me the right to mess with cellular life forms, eh?)


Anonymous said...

The hypocrisy argument could go both ways. Singer may advocate animal rights but kill mosquitos. But you wouldn't stand for undue cruelty against a pet dog, would you? But then why would you condone it against factory-farmed animals. There are a lot of grey areas here, and within them people just draw their lines in different places.

Mark said...

Singer is a utilitarian. He argues that suffering is the only thing intrinsically bad, but he, nor anyone else, assumes we can avoid or end all suffering.

You may never be able to go through life without causing any suffering to an animal, just like you can't go through life without causing suffering to a human, but that isn't a reason not to prevent and avoid the suffering that you can.

There is no justification for supporting animals spending their lives in cages so small they can't turn around, having parts of their bodies ripped off without painkillers, etc.

That comes long before any gray area.