Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Catholic Church in Poland: Battle for souls

With the resignation of the Archbishop of Warsaw after he admitted being involved with the security services during the Communist era, the Catholic Church in Poland has come into the media's focus. George Weigel had a piece in Newsweek a couple of days back, and Amy provides some other good links as well about the concerns this raises about the selection of Bishops. Now, this article in the International edition of Der Spiegel focuses on the declining authority of the Church in Poland, and seems to be largely critical of the Polish hierarchy. Radio Maryja features prominently as well (the implication seems to be that most of Poland's hierarchy, and clergy are sympathetic to the perspective of this station.)
Nonetheless, the Polish episcopacy cannot simply assume that its followers will go where it leads. For centuries - through the country's multiple partitions, the Nazi occupation and the communist rule - the church fought to save the Polish nation, paying a heavy price in the process. Today it is fighting to prevent its flock from being shepherded to the verdant pastures of capitalism. A battle has begun, with minds and souls at stake: the new Poland, intoxicated by its freshly acquired wealth, is battling the millennium-old Roman Catholic Church.

Ninety-five percent of all Poles are Roman Catholics, and well over half say they attend mass at least once a week. The Poles, along with the Irish, are among the most pious members of the European Union. But the fact remains that "the majority of the Polish faithful have grown impervious to the moral teachings of the church," according to Warsaw sociologist Pawel Spiewak.

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Seven Star Hand said...

Hello Gashwin and all,

It is amazing that so many people still fail to understand the Machiavellian nature of the Vatican and Christian leaders throughout history. The Prince was inspired by Machiavelli's years working in the Vatican for the Borgia clan. Just as we have seen with the recent spate of revelations regarding the American religious right and the Republican party, religious and secular leadership have always conspired against the populations they jointly manipulate to gain wealth and power.

Whether we look at Communism, Fascism, Democracies, or Monarchies, the leaders of most religions, but most especially the faiths of Abraham, are always in bed with those in power. While pretending to help those they preach to, these scoundrels are regularly involved in blatant deception and duplicity. Playing both sides of major conflicts and social schisms is how the Vatican and its cohorts have divided populations and governments throughout history.

The time is long past for those who still support these cabals of liars to get a clue about the true nature of the Vatican and religion in general. These people have never been trustworthy and little has changed throughout history.

Here is Wisdom...