Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back Stateside ...

... pretty uneventful travel back. There wasn't any fog in Delhi Wednesday evening, and the flight left, oh, about 30 minutes behind schedule, at 12:15 am IST (delay in boarding). A 15 hour flight back (about 9 or so spent sleeping), with a nice view of the Manhattan skyline on approach to Rwy 22L into Newark, touching down at 5:15 am EST. The Immigration officer barely looked at my passport before stamping it. "Have a good one, dude." (He said dude! A Homeland Security official!) The bag took 40 minutes to show up, however. After re-checking it on the other side of customs, the line for security was horrendous -- this is where Elite status really kicks in, with a separate queue. (And let's not get into the whole question of whether it's necessary to even go through security again, after coming off a flight and a secure zone.) I was on the 737-500 at 6:45 am, and saw my bag being loaded into the hold from the window, as the clouds above blazed brilliant pink and orange with the dawn.
A brief 42 minute flight into DCA (with that awesome River Visual approach to Rwy 19! I was kicking myself for not having the camera handy. I was on the right side, so didn't see the Mall. Arlingon Cemetery looked spectacular.), and a quick ride up the Metro, and I'm back... serious need of a shower and some food. There's a day long seminar going on that we're supposed to be at. I'll be late. And let's see how long I stay awake!


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Dude! Welcome back. Glad we got some time with you at Christmas, and glad you got some good time with family.

Enjoy getting back into the routine at the Center. Isn't today the mopping day (not the moping day...)?

Gashwin said...

At the Center? I don't work at the "Center" anymore ... :-)

Today would have been mopping day. However, we have this two day conference on the RCIA, today and tomorrow. (It's very similar to the one Padre and I attended back when I first started out in Christian Initiation work, oh my gosh, in ... 1998!). I was going to take a cat nap this morning. I did. It lasted about six and a half hours though ... :-) So I got to the workshop in time for dinner. Ha! :-) Oh well, there's tomorrow.