Friday, December 22, 2006

Travelin' days ...

So the blissful week in Columbia draws to a close ... it's actually a little easier leaving this time than the last, and I suspect that will continue to be the case. Or so the voice of the shrink who gave us that workshop on "Transitions" last week assures me. Still, kinda sucks to think that the earliest I might be back will be June ...

I'm sitting at good ol CAE. The flight to Newark is delayed ... nasty weather down here, low ceilings up in the EWR area. I have the whole rest of the day however -- CO82 doesn't depart for Delhi until 8:50 pm. I'll be taking the train into the City and meeting up with RP.

Hectic traveling coming up. Here's the schedule.

Tonight, CO82 to Delhi, arriving Saturday 9:15p IST
Christmas eve in Delhi (making it to a morning Mass at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart for the Fourth Sunday of Advent).

Afternoon of Christmas eve, IC622 to Bombay. (And I'll be flying Indian Airlines after ages.
Christmas Eve Mass at St. Peter's in Bandra at 10pm
Spend Christmas in Bombay with friends.

Dec. 26, the morning express train (Shatabdi) to Baroda.
Spend week in Baroda with the folks.

Jan. 2, 9W3704 to Delhi
Jan. 3 CO back to the US

Oh yes, I'm thinking of the frequent flier miles being racked up ... :)

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Georgette said...

Wow, you will be racking up the f.f. miles! A holy and merry Christmas to you and yours!!

God bless,