Sunday, December 31, 2006

This is really troubling!

Rocco links to a report that reveals that eighty five percent of US dioceses have detected embezzlement in the past five years. And that's not the worst of it. Yes, we all know the Church is as human as any other institution. But surely, a little more oversight of matters financial is called for by our Bishops. Especially since the money (or a huge chunk of it) comes directly from the generous donations of the faithful?


Dogwood Dell said...

I must say that I'm not surprised.

Most religious groups I’m aware about don't maintain good fiscal checks and balances. I discussed this issue earlier with a friend of mine in Virginia.

Many religious (priest, bishops, etc) want to seek the good in all people. This creates the possibility of overlooking the bad or considering the bad within their parish or dioceses. It’s almost an implied part of their job description.

He even sees at times in his wife, an Episcopal priest, who tries to see the good in all – obscuring the likelihood of bad intentions under their employment.

Might be a good discussion subject at my next parish council meeting.

Gashwin said...

I agree that's part of the dynamic. There's also a sense in which, I feel, some parts of the hierarchy don't feel any sense of accountability to the faithful, or any sense of stewardship, but run their diocese like their own personal fiefdoms.

Anyway, as to parish council: nah, that parish's finances are pretty solid and transparent. :)