Saturday, December 02, 2006

Talking to a Meandering Traveler

Georgette (Chronicle of a Meandering Traveler) called this afternoon and we had a nice chat. Great talking with an India-based American Catholic blogger!

And maybe some day, we might meet up --- in Hyderabad, or in Washington!


Georgette said...

oops, I think Blogger ate my last comment. Here goes again....

Glad to hear you had a good journey back to the States! I really enjoyed talking to you on the phone Saturday afternoon -- and I HOPE I did not cause you to forget to go to Mass Sat night by keeping you on the phone too long!! I imagine God would be awful mad at me for keeping a seminarian from Mass--eeegads! You need to pray for me, then!!

And wishing you a Holy Advent and a belated Happy Feast Day of St Francis Xavier, Apostle to India!

And by the way, do you happen to know why they call him "Goencho Saib"? The Saib, or Sahib, part I know -- "Respected Sir"-- but what is "Goencho"?

God bless you, my friend! Keeping you and your vocation in my prayers,


Gashwin said...

Oh, don't blame yourself! I remembered this little detail a week ago, and then clean forgot!

I'll pray for you regardless, however :-)

And thanks for your prayers.

"Goencho" is Konkani for "Goan" or "of Goa." So, "The sahib of Goa."