Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The operation of the Holy Spirit

From the writings of Fr. Isaac Hecker.
The primary attention of the soul should be directed, not to the Divine external authority of the Church, as that is not the immediate means of its sanctification, but to the primary act of its Sanctifier, the operation of the Holy Spirit. In that simple statement is contained a principle of action that will change the whole front of the Church and renew the pentecostal days. It is from the Holy Spirit we are to look for the renewal of the life and strength and glory of the Church. He is the Life -- Light -- Strength giver. "Thou shalt send forth Thy spirit and Thou shalt renew the earth."

So it is with the Soul. The guide, the authority of the Church, is not the life of the Christian soul or its force. The Holy Ghost is the life giver, the sanctifier, the strength & support of the Soul.

They therefore have entirely mistaken notions of the authority of the Church who suppose that it is a substitute for the Holy Ghost, that it crushes reason, enervates the soul and kills its life. On the contrary, with the divine external authority of the Church the Christian soul follows the inspirations of the Holy Ghost with perfect safety, and confidence, knowing he cannot go astray, make a mistake by any self-delusions, or fall into the snares of Satan while watched over by this divinely appointed guide.

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