Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Nativity Story

Saw it tonight ... not bad really. The cinematography was fantastic, and they really did evoke a sense of a different time and culture. I could have done without the accents though. The angel scenes were a bit ... mushy? Too obviously melodromatic? I'm not sure what ... just seemed a little odd, out of place with the tone of the rest of the movie. What I really came away with was a much better appreciation of just how strange Mary's story would have sounded, and how difficult a time it must have been for her and Joseph. Further, just how incredible the story really is -- God, taking form in human flesh, through this rather insignifant woman, at this time, in this way? Indeed, God's ways are not our ways! And I also came away with a much greater appreciation of St. Joseph, and his heroism. [Was the Ezekiel "God was in the still small voice" passage really used as a kind of catechetical passage oft-repeated and memorized back then? Of course, I don't know we have the data to answer that ... yes, it provided a Scriptural highlighting, if you will, of the "still small voice" so to speak, with which the Incarnation itself happened. I was just curious about the history ...]

At Amy's, the comments discuss whether Mary would have suffered labor pains or not. American Papist has his own thoughts as well.

Oh and Amy has her own review.

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