Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The monuments on a foggy night

  Good friend Sean was in DC tonight and came over to the house for dinner, with a friend of his who lives in the District. We drove out to the monuments, always beautiful after dark. The temperature had dropped a bit, and a thin layer of fog swirled around the lower reaches of the Mall, by the Reflecting Pool and the Lincoln Memorial, giving the Korean War Memorial an even more ghostly and somber quality.

Much to my delight, airplanes roared right overhead, on final to Rwy 19 at DCA, on that famous River Visual approach that involves low altitude maneuvers along the Potomac. It took a while before I realized that the roar that followed after an aircraft disappeared below the trees on the left bank of the Potomac was the thrust reversers engaging after it landed. [Note to self: standing atop the steps at the Lincoln Memorial and looking south, one can pretty much follow the aircraft till that final 30 degree bank to the right to line-up with the runway.]

Went for some Coffee and Crumbs in Columbia Heights afterwards -- their chai latte is a darn sight better than Starbucks'.

A nice evening with good company, and aviation joy to boot, that was much needed after what's been a pretty intense week and a half or so.

I can't wait till break starts on Monday.

[The photo above, incidentally, wasn't taken tonight, but on Veterans' Day. I didn't have my camera with me tonight!] Posted by Picasa

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