Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Justitia Virtutum Regina

"Justice, the Queen of Virtues." That's the motto of good ol' Columbia, SC ... which you really cannot make out in this photo of the flag of the city in front of Bill's house.

It's so awesome to be back here! As is my wont, I'm spending pretty much every waking hour with various friends. Sunday afternoon we went to St. Peter's downtown to hear the Arpád Darázs singers give a Christmas concert. Quite delightful! Lots of hanging out at the beautifully renovated parish Center, watching movies and shootin' the breeze. And playing with the mutts. Went with the parish young adults to sing Christmas carols at a nursing home last night, with a cookies (and beer?) party afterwards ... I thought we sounded pretty decent!

And of course ... it's just beautiful down here -- 70s every day! Blue skies!

And those two awesome words of the Southern vocabulary: Sweet team tea! :)

In case y'all didn't figure it out, I'm in bliss!

[On a more somber note: one of our alums lost his mother very suddenly early Saturday morning. Please keep Casey and his family in your prayers, and pray for the repose of the soul of his mother, Pam. I'll be going up to St. Paul's in Spartanburg tomorrow for the funeral Mass.]

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Anonymous said...

Sweet team???? Are the teams up north sour?