Sunday, December 03, 2006

Friendly flight attendants and contraband gifts

Had a pretty friendly set of flight attendants on the leg from Bombay. Turns out the passenger in my seat on the inbound segment had broken off the end of the headphone jack in the socket, which would mean pretty much that the audio-visual system would be unavailable for me. Well, I guess I could just watch a movie without sound! And the flight was full -- not that I wanted to move out of my exit row seat! Besides, I have an iPod with more music hours than I know what to do with.

Anyway, I started chatting with the flight attendant in the jump seat at the exit, a very friendly chap. "Well, I'm a rather bad member of your flock." He grew up Catholic, and identifies as Catholic but goes to Mass only on Good Friday and Easter. "That's the heart of it, you know." At the end of the flight I pointed him to a CSP parish in his hometown ... "I'll check it out for sure!" Well, hope so!

Then, one of the other flight attendant's sons turns out to be a junior at USC, and they just bought a house in Irmo. Small world indeed!

To compensate for the non-functioning headphone jack, I was given a voucher for some extra frequent flier miles -- quite welcome. And, to top it all off, jumpseat flight attendant got me two bottles of wine ... "You're a cool chap! Good luck in seminary!" Well, thanks!

Unfortunately, as the lady working my section pointed out, "Security won't let you take that on to the next flight. All the new rules banning liquids. If you bought this at duty free in Amsterdam, they'd bring it in a sealed bag to the gate." "Well," jumpseat friend suggests, "maybe you could just try to get it through!" "Oh heaven's no ... not when I'm flying while brown!" ... Heh.

Nor am I about to put on here what I ended up doing with those two bottles either ... :-) (And most certainly not while I'm still at Schiphol!)

Anyway, thanks NW for the totally decent treatment! And jumpseat friend, make it to Mass -- the Church ain't as bad and oppressive as you might think!

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