Monday, December 04, 2006

First Sunday of Advent, or I missed Mass!

If someone overheard me praying Compline shortly after takeoff from Bombay Saturday night this is what the Nunc Dimittis would have sounded like. "O Lord now let your servant go in peace, OH CRAP!" That's when I realized that I would be traveling all day Sunday and would not be able to make it to Mass! I wasn't even thinking about it ... I could have gone Saturday evening. Aargh.

And you know, the sad thing is, the real reason I was so upset was not because I'd be missing the celebration, and the Eucharist (yes, that was certainly part of it), but because this messed up my "perfect record." Sheesh. What a long way we have to go ... so, it's quite appropriate a way to enter this holy season, realizng how much we rely on God's mercy.

[At least while the jet lag lasts, I'll be awake early and not stumbling into chapel just barely in time for Morning Prayer. I woke up at 6:00 -- pretty decent to sleep until then. Normally the first night I'm awake by 4:30. And I made myself a nice cup of masala chai. It won't last, I know ... ]

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