Saturday, December 30, 2006

Blech ...

Well, I've developed all the symptoms of a cold or sinusitis ... runny nose, sore throat and a mild fever. Not good with a transcontinental flight looming next week. Spent one half of the day running around as we get ready for dad to start radiation on Monday. The other half was spent sleeping.

I hope I feel better in the morning (it's 10:00 pm now here) ... I'd hate to end this year and/or start the next missing Mass!

And I'm not entirely thrilled that this happened today either. :-| The coverage on Indian TV, however, makes me retch. Images of celebrating Sh'ias in Iraq and protesting Communists in Delhi. It's all about evil America, how Saddam was once a US ally and so on. The genocidal nature of his reign glibly glossed over. Well, I suspect everyone will view this through their own ideological lenses. The Pope's spokesman, Fr. Lombardi has called the execution "tragic." And I'm sure heads are (yet again) exploding all over the Catholic blogosphere over Cardinal Martino's latest. [::update:: I forgot to link the URL of Cardinal Martino's response to the execution of Saddam Hussein. Chris Blosser has a good round up of some of the debate going on in the blogosphere on his remarks, as well as the larger question of church teaching on capital punishment.]


St. Izzy said...

As to the cold, try this soup. You'll want to substitute some sort of zingy curry for the creole spices. But go heavy on the garlic.

As to Cardinal Martino, I guess I'll have to go try to find out to what you're alluding.


Gashwin said...

Feeling much better today ... thanks for the recipe though.

I forgot the link to Cardinal Martino's statement, but have put another one up to a roundup provided by Chris Blosser.

sharon said...

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