Sunday, December 31, 2006

Battlestar Rumors

[Hat tip to St. Izzy] Galactica Direct-To-Video Movie Set To Launch at .. and I don't think I'm the only one who feels that the story line has dissipated a bit in Season 3 ...

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Dogwood Dell said...

A good TV series typically has staying power for two-to-three years and starts to wane. This is not good for the producers because they need to syndicate the show to truly make money.

The production company typically loses money on each episode to satisfy the networks program demands (it’s true – it shocked me when I learned this fact). In return, the production company hopes to recover its investment (with profit) in syndication deals in the future (The classic “High Risk-High Reward” economic model).

Thus the production companies try to acquire the syndication “Holy Number” of 100 for all of their shows. With 100 shows, it is easy to market a block of programming to other networks (in both the US and international market). Here the production companies recover their losses in other failed programs (think of it as diversifying an investment portfolio knowing a lot of deals going bad, but one or two will generate huge returns)

Each year networks typically contract with production companies for roughly 24 episodes a year (typically less for first year shows). If the show is close to the magical 100 but loosing viewers, the threat of loosing the network contract may encourage the production company to make business decisions. Such as:

-Motivate the writers to return to old/strong storylines;
-Fire actors/writers and bring new talent;
-Attempt new stunts to attract new/previous viewers
-Have fans do a mail campaign to keep the show (if cancelled)

My guess is this movie attempt is a cheap way of bring back the previous viewers and make money lost in past episode productions (without sharing with the network?). It also may help the network reconsider any previous thoughts of canceling the show due to an unconventional bridge connecting seasons 3 & 4. (According to the, the network has not approved a fourth season). With this DVD movie, it might help the show generate enough episodes in the fourth season to encourage syndication.

Oddly enough, I recall the original Battlestar doing the same thing many moons ago. They released a Battlestar Galatica movie in the theaters. Big Flop. I also recall the X-Files doing the same thing to keep fans (and bring new ones into the fold). Moderate success.

Of course I could be completely wrong and the producers are doing it for the fans……(Nahh!)