Thursday, December 14, 2006

Already looking after his flock ...

As Bombay's new Archbishop is installed (the ceremony was today ... nothing has shown up yet on the wire. I guess the Indian dailies will carry a story Friday morning. Ah here's a short piece from the Express News Service, focusing on Archbishop Gracias' skills as a mediator and negotiator), this piece in Asia News is about the BMC's incredibly controversial road-widening project in the heart of the Catholic suburb of Bandra (I blogged on this a few weeks back when I was in Bombay) ... I'm glad that the new Archbishop is speaking up! INDIA Road improvement to wipe out Christian cemetery, spare shopping centres in Mumbai - Asia News This quote from the Pastor of St. Andrews speaks volumes ...
"The Church has always been law-abiding. It has worked for development and progress in society. Now society is working against us," Father Aguiar lamented. "Christians feel vulnerable and perhaps targeted because of their virtues of peace and tolerance".
I can't tell you just how common this is -- "Oh those Catholics will do nothing." That is most certainly what is not said about the other "minority community." I do hope the BMC sees reason soon.

:: Photos the Cathedral of the Holy Name from the visit this summer -- here, here and here. This was my first parish, incidentally. ::

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