Friday, November 24, 2006


:: Update, Sunday Nov. 26 :: His recovery is coming along pretty darn well! He's breathing on his own and even went for a short walk on the terrace near his room today. So far the doctors are quite pleased! As are we all!

Many thanks for all y'all's prayers for my father! The surgery went off successfully yesterday, lasting nearly six hours. They removed only about half his lung, which is better than we'd hoped for! He's in recovery in ICU and should be released to a regular room today or tomorrow.

The next few days as his body recovers from the trauma of the surgery and adjusts to a diminished breathing capacity are really critical. Please continue your prayers!

And join me in offering a Te Deum.

(I have limited Internet time, so the blog won't be updated regularly for a while)

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Jennifer said...

God bless your father! He will be added to my prayer list!