Monday, November 06, 2006

An update on Fr. Reginald Foster

"If you don’t have Latin you’re just sitting there looking stupid."

Fr. Z provides the details -- he's now housed at the American Institute for Roman Culture. Good for them!

He takes some digs at his former patrons:
During the meeting Fr. Foster predictably and understandably shot some barbed comments at the "other place" where he had taught for so long and a few amusing references to the Jesuits of that institution. He talked about reading during the summer the letters exchanged between Erasmus and Martin Luther and St. Thomas More (which in illo tempore I also have done with him) all in Latin, together with documents of extreme historic importance, "the suppression of the Jesuits in 1773 … Dominus ac Redemptor a glorious thing in Latin.. a horrific document."
Gaudeamus igitur!

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