Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Day In Bombay

... well it's still Wednesday night Stateside. It's hazy, hot and humid in the Metropolis. Uneventful flight from Amsterdam ... sat next to a dude from Seattle who's going to a film festival in Goa. He's the director of this littly indy flick ... interesting conversations.

Thanksgiving doesn't mean anything here of course. The Times of India must have known something was up ... today's "Speaking Tree" (a popular column on spirituality from a variety of religious perspectives) is on giving heartfelt thanks ... this one from a Muslim viewpoint.

According to the Economist's "Mumbai Briefing" Bombay's famous red double-decker buses might stop plying. They're not very economical. Now that will be sad! Nothing like going down Marine Drive on the top deck of one of these antediluvian behemoths!

The 'rents arrive from Delhi in a couple of hours, and we'll head over to the hospital later on in the day. Am at a dingy cyber-cafe in Andheri near my cousin's place (the phone line is down there). Now one has to show a photo ID to log in to a computer here. My passport was in my suitcase, and my SC driver's license didn't cut it. "Show something Indian, man." At least I'm still counted as in Indian! Luckily I still had the very first driver's license ever issued to me, by the State of Maharastra. I look nothing like the guy in the photo (I was 18!). But it passed muster.

Not sure when I'll be able to get to the Internet after this ... appreciate everyone's prayers!

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