Thursday, November 30, 2006

Some aviation stuff ...

Patrick Smith takes on the Thanksgiving travel-craziness coverage in this week's column, and continues poking away at TSA's draconian silliness. Ask the pilot | Salon Technology

And points us to this hilarious parody ... Sky Maul! Oh I cannot wait to get a copy!

Some signs of relief in the over-congested skies over Bombay. (Sorry, I can't find the darn TOI story online ... their website is just ludicrous for locating a story that one saw in the print edition! And the search engine most primitive) A new high-speed exit-ramp for the main runway 9-27. And interesting to see that they're now using 14-32 at some times during the day. Landing at Bombay still takes forever. Last week, my flight reached the city at 10:55 pm and circled away, finally landing at 11:35 pm.

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