Monday, November 06, 2006

The Sex Talk

Heh. Got your attention, didn't I? :-) Actually, the title of today's seminar was "Consecrated Celibacy: A Psycho-Spiritual Perspective" Overall it was pretty decent, and quite informative. You know, sexual is not the same as genital, and all the different ways of being intimate without being genitally expressive and so on.

Lots and lots of power point slides. Loads of information.

Here's one (a quote from Ronald Rollheiser):
In its maturity, sexuality is about overcoming separateness by giving life and blessing it. It's about giving myself over to community, friendship, family service, creativity, humor, delight, and even martyrdom
"You know, your house chores are a part of this," the presenter goes.

Oh great. Now mopping is friggin' sexual. :-)


pritcher said...

I get the sense that Rolheiser is a little too liberal for many folks at St. Blog's, but I love what he has to say, especially about sexuality.

Also, I can think of no greater aid to chastity (and by that I mean something to kill the mood) than PowerPoint.

cjun said...

I guess it would depend on how one mops and how one defines mopping:)

avalon said...

Ah, but there's a way to make mopping unsexy again: the Scooba. Robot cleaners may be efficient and uncomplaining -- but sexy? No.