Thursday, November 23, 2006


[[ Sticky post ... this will be on top. Regular blogging below"] As many of y'all know, my father was diagnosed with lung cancer back in April (one of the reasons I was so glad to be able to spend nearly three months in India this summer).

:: UPDATE :: The surgery is scheduled to start at 9:30 am IST on Friday, Nov. 24. That's 11:00 pm on Thu. Nov. 23 on the US East Coast. (At some point I might write about the zoo that is Govt. hospital bureaucracy. It rivals the Dept. of Homeland Security in its labrynthine stupidity. Still, this is supposedly the best thing around medical competence-wise ... )

The cancer has (thankfully) not spread, but the tumor in his left lung is still pretty large and active. This Friday, he's having surgery to have his entire lung removed. The operation will take place at Bombay's Tata Memorial Center (one of India's leading cancer research and treatment centers).

I'm flying to Bombay, leaving tomorrow (arriving late Wednesday night). I'm most grateful to the CSPs for letting me take 10 days off from the novitiate to be with my family.

Your prayers will be greatly appreciated. (The surgery is scheduled to start early Friday morning IST, which will be late Thursday evening -- 8:30 pm or later -- Eastern time in the US). I'll update the blog as I can.

Thanks y'all!


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

We'll continue to be in prayer for his surgery and his recovery from anesthesia.

Izzie and I are glad you're getting this time to make the trip and be there for/with your family.


Niall Mor said...


I lost both my parents to lung cancer, my mother just this past June, so I think I know something about what you are going through. You are in my prayers.

Ambrose said...

Prayers for your family, and for you to have a safe trip

angelmeg said...

Your father is in my prayers.

Steven said...

Dear Sir,

Count on my continuing prayers. May your flight and trip be safe and may your father be securely in God's hands.



Anonymous said...


Prayers are being said.

On a side note, I thought you were writing from the future. Being Wednesday in the US and seeing Thursday, I was wondering how you managed time travel (Grin).

Silly International Date Line.

Regardless of the date & time, prayers are and will be said.



Neil said...

Dear Gashwin,

You are your family are in my prayers.

I just noticed that you left a comment on the Catholic Sensibility blog for me to send you an e-mail. I will do so upon your return.


chez said...


Count on my prayers. Wishing him quick recovery and a peace to your family.