Monday, November 20, 2006

Oh dear ... I'm Katlick and therefore stupid ...

... and want to make tons of babies cause the Pope tells me to. open book: An interview that will go down in infamy. I'm trying to think of something charitable to say ... And I just went to confession too. So, let me just shut up. Click on the link to see how the Catlick blogosphere is responding. :)

[Ok, now that I've taken a deep breath and actually read the interview ... some of it is mighty silly. Some of it is not bad. Such as this bit.
What do you make of Ted Haggard, who just stepped down as the head of the National Association of Evangelicals, after he was accused of cavorting with a gay escort?

I think it’s very sad. We’re always surprised when we see people’s clay feet. Our culture seems to delight in exposing them. I think we have a prurient interest in other people’s failings.

You can’t blame the Haggard case on the culture or the media. It isn’t a story about sex so much as the disturbing hypocrisy of a church leader.

But we’re all hypocrites. All of us.

You’re very forgiving.

I like the word “shalom.” I use it in my correspondence, I use it in my sermons, and that’s how I sign my e-mails — “shalom.” To me it is a concrete reminder of what it is we’re all supposed to be about.
And this bit, I totally agree with ... :)
Have you met Pope Benedict?

I have not. I think it would be really interesting.


Ambrose said...

Those "theological reasons" for producing children? Isn't it called, umm ummm, the Bible?

pritcher said...

What an interesting juxtaposition of this post with the previous one on your blog. So are we stupid or too coldly intellectual?

(I know I'm frequently both, but that's my sin, not my faith.)