Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nuns with blogs

This week's Time magazine has a neat feature story on nuns in America, focusing both on the veil-wearing younger ones (Such as these two graduates of Bishop England HS in Charleston who entered the Nashville Dominicans in 2004.) and the second-career 30s-40s and the "Sister Moms." Check it out! TIME.com: Today's Nun Has A Veil--And A Blog -- Nov. 20, 2006 -- Page 1:
For the iPod generation, it doesn't get more radical than wearing a veil. The hijab worn by traditional Muslim women might have people talking, but it's the wimple that really turns heads. And in the U.S. today, the nuns most likely to wear that headdress are the ones young enough to have a playlist.

Over the past five years, Roman Catholic communities around the country have experienced a curious phenomenon: more women, most in their 20s and 30s, are trying on that veil. Convents in Nashville, Tenn.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; and New York City all admitted at least 15 entrants over the past year and fielded hundreds of inquiries. One convent is hurriedly raising funds for a new building to house the inflow, and at another a rush of new blood has lowered the median age of its 225 sisters to 36. Catholic centers at universities, including Illinois and Texas A&M, report growing numbers of women entering discernment, or the official period of considering a vocation. Career women seeking more meaning in their lives and empty-nest moms are also finding their way to convent doors.
:: Update :: One of the threads at the Phatmass Phorums is discussing this story ... lots more juice there! (And they link back here too :)) ::

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