Wednesday, November 15, 2006

More Borat

A story in the Gamecock on the USC students who were filmed making racist and other such frat-boy-esque jokes.

James Keane SJ at Busted Halo:
But that leads logically to another more awful question: what about the crowds pouring in to see the film (Borat has already blown well past expected earnings) who are roaring with laughter at the squalid conditions of Kazakhstan, and the amoral brutality of the villagers projected here? Are they laughing because they, too, are in on the joke? God help us as a country if they’re not, if this is simply a post-ironic return to the leering cinematic exploitation of foreigners and minorities once common in American film.
Otherwise he doesn't mind the humor and the political satire.

Kathy Shaidle (Relapsed Catholic): Repulsive comedy sells, but can we afford the price?

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