Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Holy Father in Turkey

I hope you're not relying on the NYT or NPR to follow this historic visit! (The NPR story summary that showed up in my inbox this morning was all about how there are moderate voices in the Vatican on Islam. As if the Vatican is a hotbed of anti-Islamic sentiment. Nothing at all about the Muslim world's perspectives on the Vatican, Catholicism, or Christianity.)

Best places to follow the trip:

Amy Welborn
American Papist
John Allen's daily dispatches
Spero News forum


Heather said...

A picture of the visit was the dominant photo on the front page of the Washington Post this morning and there was a full page story in the first section as well ... in case anyone wanted to follow it in the newspaper.

pritcher said...

I'm usually fairly impressed by NPR's treatment of Catholic news, but with both this story and the bishops' meeting, I've felt like their reporting has been uncharacteristically shallow.