Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Elections: The view from out there ...

As the results roll in, I wondered how this is being perceived and covered "out there" ... across the waters, in the rest of the world.

The Times of India has a whole special section: US Mid Term Polls and the India Connection, with concern over what a Democratic congress might mean for the Indo-US nuclear deal, a story on Bobby Jindal (R-LA), the lone Indian-American in the House getting re-elected, and one on the first Muslim congressman.

The Syndey Morning Herald leads with a story, Bush's Black Tuesday. Le Monde and Il Correire della Sera have lead stories (sconfitto, defeat, for Bush). Needless to say, the UK papers are covering this front-page. The Times: Where the Republicans were massacred. In the (Toronto) Globe and Mail, Alan Freeman asks an oft-repeated question: Now, can they tell us what they stand for?

The Jerusalem Post coverage also highlights the election of a Muslim to Congress, whereas Ha'aretz simply carries a Reuters story (with no mention of Congressman Ellison)

Couldn't see anything on the front page of the Moscow Times, the Lebanon Daily Star, Al Jazeera or Al Ahram (Egypt).

:: Here's the Economist. ::
And here's a cartoon from the UK Telegraph that underscores what foreign newspapers are saying: this is all about Bush and Iraq.

And for more front pages than you can handle, try Newseum.

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