Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Celibacy causes pedophilia

This piece of journalistic drivel (no, it cannot be called journalism) appeared in today's USC student newspaper.The Daily Gamecock Online. I feel a letter to the editor brewing ... the rest of y'all down there, for heaven's sake write the Gamecock and tell them to get their facts straight. Celibacy does not cause sexual deviancy! Lord have mercy!


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Our blog host writes:
Celibacy does not cause sexual deviancy! Lord have mercy!

Desite having read, from the student journalist:
Leading a celibate life perhaps does turn men with normal sexual fantasies into deviant monsters by making them feel guilty about desiring the flesh.


The pope could have saved Mark Foley's ass, no pun intended, if the celibacy law was reversed long ago.

I was glad to see that USC students & alums took the writer to task, and that several of them actually wrote well-reasoned, thoughtful responses.

At the heart of things, IMHO, this writer has no experience of the charism of celibacy. Does she imagine that sexual continence (in the single or married state) is something to be avoided? That it is harmful? To what adolescent males has she been listening?


Finally a couple of "grrr" points (I could spend all evening "grading" this essay, but cannot spare the time:

If the law were reversed...

As a rule, when people say "no pun intended," they actually DO mean to pun, but often have done so badly. QED.

knows from good punning.

Gashwin said...

Thanks Liz. You should know puns. You live with one ... :-)