Sunday, October 22, 2006

World Mission Sunday: Maintenence to Mission

It's probably not uncommon that when encountering the word "Mission" we think of "missionaries" -- out there somewhere -- boldly proclaiming the Gospel to heathen lands.

Well, that's quite true. Yet, we're all called to be missionaries. The mission of the church -- to live and spread the Good News -- belongs to each one of the baptized.

One little book that came out recently tries to highlight what a "missionary" approach to parish ministry might look like. From Maintenance to Mission: Evangelization and Revitalization of the Parish, by Fr. Bob Rivers CSP (reviewed here in America).

You can also hear a snippet of a talk (mp3 link. 3.85MB) that Fr. Rivers gave at a conference in the Diocese of Charleston in 2005, on this same them.

[Fr. Rivers suffered a stroke earlier this year, which impaired his speech. He's recovering very well ... please keep him in your prayers.]

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