Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Whose intolerance is tolerable?

An interesting piece in the Telegraph on the effects of a proposed new EU regulation added to the Equality Act of 2006, which makes
it an offence for anyone providing goods, services, facilities, education or public functions to discriminate on the grounds that someone is heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.
"Yay! Equality at last" one can hear the cry. But, what about those whose faith might object to the practice of homosexuality? (Or, the atheist who might have a similar objection?) Thorny thorny. Ugh. In situations like these, I'm ever the libertarian. Let the State keep it's nose out of people's beliefs, howsoever odious they might be to some (or even the majority). And I'm definitely against liberal democracies creeping towards secular thought-police theocracies.

[Perhaps the weakest thing in the article is the simple assertion that homosexuality is not like race. The parallels are often made, to good rhetorical (and political) effect. I don't think they hold, though. Don't have time to get into all that right now.]