Tuesday, October 10, 2006

That they may have life: ECT

Christianity today analyzes the recent statement by Evangelicals and Catholic Together on defending human life.
Let Us Reason Together About Life | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction
Those who do not share our biblical commitments should at least welcome biblical insights because of their high ideals and altruism. Whether or not we claim to have gotten our insights from God, they should be recognized as ideas that can energize efforts to build a safer society.

"That They May Have Life" mentions both disturbing developments and signs of hope. The authors are rightly disturbed by the logic of court decisions about abortion. These decisions have created a confused jurisprudence that can be used to justify the killing of "those who are too young, too small, too handicapped, too burdensome, or for whatever reason, not 'wanted.'"
But, while the document is trying to eschew the embattled rhetoric of the culture war, there's times when it falls back into tried usage, such as the use of "murder."
Also, any willful taking of innocent life can justifiably be called murder. But political opponents will surely grasp such language and use it as a bludgeon. Furthermore, citizens who have close family members who have made difficult (though wrong) choices may find that such language is a barrier to their ability to hear this document's otherwise temperate message.
The CT author also wishes that the "seamless garment" position would have been developed a little further, instead of being ignored.

Link to the statement.

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