Monday, October 09, 2006

The smile of God

The Holy Father on a new film on the life of Pope John Paul I.: "Pope Luciani: The Smile of God."
Above all we have been able to recall the gentle figure full of meekness of a Pontiff strong in faith, firm in principles, but always ready to welcome and smile. Faithful to tradition and open to renewal, the Servant of God Albino Luciani, as priest, bishop and Pope carried out a tireless pastoral activity, constantly stimulating the clergy and laity to pursue, in the different areas of the apostolate, the one and only ideal of holiness.

A teacher of truth and passionate catechist, he reminded all believers, with the fascinating simplicity that characterized him, of the commitment and joy of evangelization, underlining the beauty of Christian love, the only force able to defeat violence and to build a more fraternal humanity.

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Maddy said...

He truly was a great mna and a wonderful Pope. He dezerved more time to be as the smiling Pope!
I'm doing a report on him on Tuseday!
Hope it's as good and he was!!