Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Pope: Even Judas was part of God’s plan

>>> Today's General audience[Asia News]
The betrayal of Judas remains a “mystery” and even he who was the “traitor” par excellence formed part of the plan of God, who transformed his action into the foundation of salvation. The figure of Judas and especially the many questions it raises, starting from why Jesus trusted him, were at the heart of the speech given by Benedict XVI today to more than 30,000 people in St Peter’s Square for the general audience.
In the gospels, then, his betrayal is seen as the effect of the action of Evil. But even this action, his betrayal, is inserted in God’s saving plan. “Jesus treated him as a friend but in his invitations to follow him along the path of the beatitudes, he did not enforce willingness nor did he provide against the temptations of Satan, respecting human freedom. In effect, there are truly many possible ways in which the human heart could be perverted. The only way to remedy this consists in not cultivating a vision that is solely individualistic, autonomous, but on the contrary, putting oneself over and again on the part of Jesus, taking his point of view.” But at the end, Judas repented, however his repentance “degenerated into desperation and self-destruction” The difference to what happened to Peter, who betrayed, repented and returned to trust in God, is for us “an invitation never to despair of divine mercy”.
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