Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pakistani bishop gives up citizenship in protest

A bishop in Pakistan has renounced his nationality in protest against discrimination and hatred he says is suffered by the minuscule Christian minority in the world’s second largest Muslim nation.

“In Pakistan, Christians, including me, are facing extreme hate, discrimination and detestation by Muslims. We are unwanted people in Pakistan,” Bishop Timotheus Nasir, who heads the United Presbyterian Church of Pakistan, wrote in an August letter to President Pervez Musharraf.
Anglican Journal.[Sent via commenter and friend assiniboine, who titled the email: "Yikes. Kind of makes the issues western Christians contend with seem a mite trivial, eh?" Indeed.]


assiniboine said...

Of course their Christian grandparents voted in favour of ceding to post-Partitian Pakistan rather than India in 1947, on the grounds that Muslims would probably treat Christians better than Hindus would. Silly them? Well, check the second article which I sent and which you declined to post! :)

(I only especially think of this just now as a result of a Papua New Guinean diplomat friend having phoned me from Japan wondering what I would like by way of a little present for having written a speech for his ambassador. A kimono? Why not.

But how this is relevant is that after he met some nice Muslims at our house when visiting Australia a while back, he thought it might be interesting to check out the mosque in Port Moresby: and when he emerged, word had got out that he was not being entirely as Catholic as he might be, and there was a mob there STONING him. Well yes.

We Christians, as opposed to those rebarbative Muslims and Hindus -- essentially tribal, aren't they? -- are so nice.

Gashwin said...

One second .. there was a mob of Christians stoning him? Woah!

I didn't get a second article from you ... do resend!