Monday, October 30, 2006

New Abbot at Mepkin: Fr. Stanislaus Gumula OCSO

Mepkin Abbey near Charleston has elected a new Abbot. Details at Rocco's. [Hat tip St. Liz.] [I've never heard of Fr. Gumula. Apart from Fr. Kline, I knew Fr. Aelred, and of course, the Guest Master, Br. Stephen. And Fr. Christian gave us Abbey tours a couple of times (before they became all organized and stuff): he was especially delightful this one time, when we had a student named Amanda in the group. "Amanda! She who is to be loved!" he would exclaim at random.]

If anyone makes it down to the abbatial blessing by Bishop Baker, please let me know!


Baby Daisy said...

Well I am!

Gashwin said...

Yay! So now, if you would be so kind, let me know how it goes. Or put it up on your blog! :)