Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Logan Circle

Sunday afternoon I went with friends Adam and Bree to the 5:30 pm Mass at St. Matthew's Cathedral. We passed by Logan Circle on the way ... here's the statue commemorating General Logan.

[Pictures from the Cathedral will be up sometime tomorrow most likely]

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assiniboine said...

Please do. The Cathedral website is singularly lacking in decent photos. The most extensive discussion of the Cathedral in the general literature is in connection with President Kennedy's funeral and needless to say attention was focused elsewhere than on art and architecture; John Kenneth Galbraith, who had an important part in planning the arrangements comments in his memoirs only that the funeral was his first exposure to "the full Catholic Mass" (the experience of many of the official mourners, but JKG was a Scotch Baptist of decidedly liberal hue); it was not long after this that President Johnson began repairing regularly to the Basilica to pray privately and that Luci converted to Catholicism, much to Lady Bird's Anglican chagrin, though the President took a much more understanding view. Curiously, even President Nixon very seriously considered becoming a Catholic from time to time as he came under increasing Watergate-related stress, despite his ostentatious (and obviously, inter alia, politically expedient) cultivation of Billy Graham.