Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Interview with Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor

[Via Rocco] ... after his meeting with the Pope. Interesting stuff. On relations with the Anglicans
Q. Well it’s good to have dialogue and to talk, but the reality is that the Anglicans, by their decision to ordain women priests and now bishops, have opted to travel down a road that is unacceptable to the Catholic Church, as stated clearly by three popes: Paul VI, John Paul II and now Benedict XVI and against the advice of friendly people like Cardinals Cassidy, Kasper and yourself and so one could say that the dialogue has reached an impasse today.

A. An impasse, a plateau… yes, and the way ahead is very difficult to see. There isn’t a central focus of authority in the Anglican Communion and that is a very big problem. At the same time one has to acknowledge that although we are on a plateau as regards the theological dialogue now, nevertheless that theological dialogue has revealed some very important things: the agreement on the Eucharist and on ministry, justification by faith so, if you wish, the quarrels of the Reformation period are theologically at an end. And yet we have these new questions that have come up. But I do think, particularly in our own country, there are matters in which we should be cooperating together in terms of Christian witness. As we did recently, for example, when we took a stance on the question of assisted suicide, and there the combination of Catholics and Anglicans and other Christians was very powerful. And there should be many other social issues on which we should stand together and give witness. So I think that the Archbishop of Canterbury and myself and others in Churches Together in England should speak out more and more on such issues. And we should do so particularly with the Anglicans, who are after all the established Church. I think that the Anglicans and Catholics are in a way by far the largest Churches in England today, in terms of each having about the same number of practicing Christians. This was something unthinkable 100 years ago.
[emphasis added] Also interestingly, all the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales will be meeting with the House of Bishops. Now that should be fascinating!

More at the website of the Diocese of Westminster. [Why is it a Diocese? Why not an archdiocese? It's the See of the Primate of England after all ... ?]

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assiniboine said...

Because the English Catholic Church is English, of course. No archdioceses in the English church, whether Cantuarian or Roman. Rectors of cathedrals are deans, too. And bishops are My Lord and archbishops are Your Grace. And clerical baronets are Sir rather than Father or My Lord or Your Grace. They do have monsignors rather than archdeacons, however.