Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Getting your rooms blessed, you pagans?

Now here's an awesome campus minister! And just up the road from us here.
A couple of guys yelled, "Padre!" when they saw the Rev. Robert Schlageter barreling into the dorm in his black friar's robes cinched with rope.

"You getting your rooms blessed, you little pagans?" he hollered back.

Every September, Father Bob makes the rounds, teasing, badgering, laughing and blessing his way through Catholic University's student housing. In almost every room he says a quick prayer with the students, sprinkles holy water and tapes up a paper crucifix and small yellow sign over the door that says: "Peace to all who enter here. This Room has been Blessed."

Most important: He gets in the door and lets them know he's there.
[Hat tip to Rocco] Someone want to pass this on to Fr. T and Zach? :-)]

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Heather said...

I loved that article when I read it in the Post this weekend. Excellent addition.