Thursday, October 12, 2006

Former President Ford hospitalized - Politics -

Former President Ford hospitalized - Politics - [Hat tip Tom]


assiniboine said...

It is interesting that former President Ford gets so much attention these days: perhaps an implied comment on presidents since his incumbency. When he came to office he was widely underestimated -- he was obviously a thoroughly decent, kindly and good man, but was he a man of any particular distinction? Well, yes, he was. Notwithstanding the ridiculous WIN ("whip inflation now") lapel badges and his embarrassing howler during the televised election debates (not that Reagan necessarily knew any better -- "amiable dunce," his friend Margaret Thatcher perhaps slightly unkindly called him) he was both sharp and decisive as well as entirely good. He kept Henry Kissinger in his place too, while taking full advantage of his talents. The man is 93 and I have no doubt that he will have left firm instructions that there be no special to-do over his funeral, but I hope that there is anyway.

assiniboine said...

(Not entirely without wit either: when he and Betty moved into the White House and saw Nixon's extravagantly draped four-poster bed, he said, "I'm not sleeping with Marie Antoinette. Get rid of it.")