Monday, October 23, 2006

Fire at Longhorns in the Vista?

The State | 10/21/2006 | Fire damages Longhorn Steakhouse I hope it's still open ... anyone know?


Anonymous said...

Saw the fire as it happened from my office window. . Black smoke was exiting from the roof over the kitchen area. Four fire trucks barreled down the street with alarms blaring to the scene and blocked traffic on Gervais Street

Firefighters climbed to the second story and out onto the roof to fight the fire. Others doused water from the side streets. The hook & ladder truck arrived later, but by then the fire was under control. It was quite a bit of activity within 10-15 minute.

I just called Longhorns - no answer. Thus one can assume they are closed.

When the Blue Marlin caught fire, it took about a year until it reopened. It may be the same.

Look how long it’s taking with STM!



Gashwin said...

Uh oh ... didn't Steph work at Longhorns? I wonder what this means as far as her job goes ... shoot.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Link for pic w/firetrucks, since I know you're fond of them.

DD sez: Look how long it’s taking with STM!

DD: It's never been further than "4-6 weeks from now" that STM would be operational again. I recall hearing exactly the same thing in Mass last night--4 weeks. I expect to hear it again around Thanksgiving, etc.

Dogwood Dell said...

@ St. Liz

I've been familiar with fires and reconstruction since my high school days.

When my school caught fire (5-6 alarm fire), I heard we would be back within 8 weeks.

Nonetheless....I spent my entire senior year in trailers.

I don't think we will have this issue at STM.

St. Izzy said...

D.D sez:
I don't think we will have this issue at STM.

Only because we can't afford trailers at STM.


Anonymous said...

Hey all,
Since I do not think that Steph stops here often, I will tell you what she has told me. Originally they were supposed to be back in today, however the power was off all weekend and thus none of the repairs have been started yet. She expects to hear more on Wednesday, but they are not planning on reopening until at least this weekend.