Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ellis Island

That's a delightful pub and restaurant on 12th St. NE, on the other side of the Metro tracks in Brookland, and is becoming a favorite haunt. Today, I had lunch there with a friend (after we'd prayed Sext at the newly dedicated altar to Our Lady of La Vang at the Shrine). The owners are Catholic (Catholic art is everywhere, and the newsstand at the entrance holds the Catholic Standard!) and the walls are an eclictic mixture of interesting photographs, posters, fliers and other art.

In the photo below, a print of Columbus discovering America is right next to a portrait of Tovarish Vladimir Ilyich ... upside down! I love it!

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Dogwood Dell said...

Tovarish Vladimir Ilyich upside down? That's great. Truely a Catholic place and my prefered way to have Vlad's portrat hung.

Please pass my praises to the owners.



Dogwood Dell said...

Ok.. notice the typos.

“Truely” "prefered" and "portrat"

Excited about the content and failed to preview my text.


St. Izzy said...

So... What do they have on tap?


Gashwin said...

Dogwood: Yeah it's great. St. Izzy: you know I'm not the beer fan that you are. 'Sides, the few times I've been there, I've paid for myself. And as a poor novice, that means, no alcohol :)
This also just means y'all have to come up to find out what's on tap! :)