Monday, October 09, 2006

Definitely on the agenda for the next visit to Rome ...

[Whenever that might be!] ... Vatican unveils necropolis inside its walls.
Lovers of Roman-era art and archaeology can thank the Vatican's parking problem for the discovery of one of the ancient world's best preserved necropolises -- right inside the tiny city-state's walls.

The necropolis was opened on Monday, three years after it was unearthed by workers who were breaking ground for a new garage to ease the Vatican's dearth of parking space.

"We found the kind of things that have usually been lost in past excavations in Rome," said Giandomenico Spinola, director of the excavation and restoration works.

One of the novelties of the necropolis, located along what was once the ancient Via Triumphalis (Triumphal Way) that Roman warriors used when returning from conquests, is that it offers a mixture of burial sites of both rich and middle class Romans.

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