Monday, October 30, 2006

Blogger Beta

... given just how many issues Blogger Classic has been having this past week, I'm more than tempted to bite the bullet and sign up for Blogger Beta. (It's an irreversible move as Blogger warns me!)

How will that affect my template? Anyone know? I don't have time to really find out ... I have a feeling I'll have to use a new template and re-customize everything. Having ready-made categories is a plus though.

Not like I don't have enough things to do with my time ...


St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Looks like you might want to do it soonish--the info page make it look like blogs with over 1000 posts or comments might not be able to make the switch (at least not in the current version.)

cannot keep up your pace...

Dogwood Dell said...


I've made the move. It did not impact my blog site. Please note that I used an original Blogger design.

St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

Let us know how you like it once you've tinkered and used it a bit.

Will the word verifications get any easier to read? ;-)


Gashwin said...

I'll need to find some time to really look into it. I have no huge desire to switch ... it's just that all the blogger server issues have affected the classic blogger blogs (but not the beta. Conspiracy theoriests arise! It is a sneaky way for Google to get everyone to switch!). Nor am I thrilled about redesigning the whole template (beta blogger's template language is different ... )

Word Verification: I would hope it's not too easy for those darn Cylons ... um ... bots ... to figure out ... :-)

Dogwood Dell said...


I just recalled that I did have issues with my template. I did do some custom design (not much though). A change to the beta will likely influence your design greatly.