Friday, October 06, 2006

The best laid plans ...

So I was all set to watch the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica. The rest of the guys were watching a movie in the upper common room. I had the lower common room (or, if that were occupied, the Novice Lounge) to myself ... and 15 minutes before the start, I was asked to head out to National to pick someone up.

There's a vocation discernment weekend -- 11 guys coming in to check the CSPs out. One's flight was really late, and novice bro Tim and I ended up heading out to get him.

:: sigh :: So now, to wait till iTunes gets it up. Unti then do not tell me what happened.


Dogwood Dell said...


Apollo and Starbuck crash onto a planet without contact with the rest of the fleet and discover a single cyclops on the planet. Apparently his is revered and feared by the population....

Wait...This is an episode I saw back in the late 1970's.....

My bad. (Grin)

Please note that I have yet to see the new and improved Battlestar.



St. Elizabeth of Cayce said...

We didn't see the episode either; Izzy thinks he's taped it.

There's no Sci-Fi Channel here at the beach, where a pan flu speaking gig coincided with Biketoberfest. Izzy and I are here with ALL (and I mean ALL) the Harleys.

Enjoy visiting with the discerning gentlemen. (I think that might have another meaning...)

OK, I'll say it: Go Cocks!

using dial-up.

Gashwin said...

OOOH ... you said that online! It's on record! Like forever! :)