Sunday, October 08, 2006

Battlestar: Holy frak!


So, I finally got to see the two hour premiere of Season 3, which was rerun this morning (and it just happened, that we had a Sunday morning free ... I know that'll be rare for sure!).

Oh man! If I thought I was hooked before, I'm even more hooked now. No, I wasn't too thrilled about the rather blatant parallels with the occupation in Iraq (Cylons = American occupiers trying so hard to befriend the humans. Well, they didn't really show what they'd tried to do win the humans' friendship apart from the agonized hand-wringing of Six and Boomer. Resistance = Iraqi insurgents. Including suicide bombers. [The parallels are far from exact. What about the Sh'ia-Sunni bloodbath? Maybe that's a level of complexity they don't want to get to. Anway ...). I like it much better when they keep things a little more ambiguous.

The religion of the Cylons is definitely seeming to be more like a form of Christianity, and not really al-Qaeda style Islam. The conversation where the Cylons have this internal debate about using "any means" to spread the "word of God" was surreal ...

And the incredible mind games! Starbuck and that child, for one. Thige's "there are no morals in wars" cynicism. Balthar's self-preservation. Galactica-Sharon is now part of the Fleet again. But they're betrayed, so maybe her trustworthiness will be called into question again.

And the show's even darker now if that were possible!

Man oh man oh man. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I can't wait for more!

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If you love BG as much as it seems like you do, you'll also enjoy the blog "Pop Candy." It's about all things pop culture, but Whitney absolutely adores BG as much as you do. There's one or two things on there about it today. Enjoy!