Friday, October 27, 2006

Battlestar: Collaborators

So tonight's episode continues the political parallelisms: Vichy (Jamie Bamber mentions this explicitly in the exclusive video on the Scifi page, up until 2am Saturday. Pwd: RIFT), Iraq, Guantanamo, and, at the very end, South Africa and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (they even kept the same name).

I'm not entirely sure I like all this parallelism stuff ... I prefer more subtlety. But anyway, I'm excited to see that Earth enters back into the plot more forcefully next week.

I thought Gata did a fantastic job, as did the Chief. And boy, the "execution" of Ellen Tighe last week was amazing. I miss her character!

Starbuck's all fracked up ... will be interesting to watch.

The phrase that came to mind at the end (goes to show what a weird geek I am), when Tyrol sits down with Gata, was the one made famous by John Dominic Crossan: open commensality. How symbolic sharing a meal with someone is, how radical the violation of the boundaries of table fellowship can be.

Rock on!

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