Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Baltimore Basilica

The Mass of rededicaiton of America's first Cathedral is this Saturday (a ticketed event. No, novices don't get any special privileges. We're not on the totem pole yet, remember? :)). I cannot wait to go see it! It's just up the way! That's so awesome!

George Weigel had a column on the Basilica in yesterday's USA Today: Where religious freedom rings. (As part of the reopening ceremonies there's a special Interfaith ceremony next Thursday evening.) [And it's a theme that Fr. Isaac Hecker would have resonated with!]

Rocco has some preliminary shots and more links.

Maybe next week ...

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Dogwood Dell said...


I was there a few years ago before and the place was in major needs of restoration. The thing I remember the most was the musty smell that aggravated my sinuses throughout the mass. Other than that it was a beautiful structure that was in a decaying part of downtown Baltimore.

Maybe the restoration will encourage some activity back into this section of downtown – at least for a visit from tourists