Sunday, September 24, 2006

Who is Mark Warner?

Well ... imagine my surprise when I logged into Facebook and saw this ad. Talk about trying to be hip and reach out to young voters. Well, I guess internet politicking, "netroots" and so on is all the rage ...

[I know of one of my loyal readers who might be leaning towards Mark Warner. Even though he doesn't like him ;-)]
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Anonymous said...

Not surprised about the Facebook from the former Governor.

Rumor is that Warner is in Cola tomorrow for his "Happy Hour with a Purpose"

Info promoting the event:
"Former Virginia Governor Mark R. Warner started Happy Hour With A
Purpose in 2001. The program was designed to bridge ethnic and
generational differences in the community. Members of the Congressional
Black Caucus, Virginia state legislature, local elected officials and
business leaders have joined Governor Warner at each of the quarterly
Happy Hour With A Purpose events.

"Over the past five years, thousands of young professionals participated
and in many cases, Happy Hour with A Purpose was the first political
event they had attended in their lifetime. Many of these individuals
have gone on to join local political committees and work on campaigns
after attending these events."

Looks like its his marching efforting for 2008.